Condensation Prevention

Condensation can be a large problem for offices due to the heat extremes experienced from night to day, and is often prevelant on the walls and windows in offices with a large amount of glass. It can limit the lifespan of window frames and ledges and while cleaning is an everyday occurence, prevention is the best measure to reduce condensation. Our top 3 tips are below.

To prevent this problem, we would recommend that the walls are firstly insulated well and that where possible the windows are high quality double glazing as this trapped layer of air in the glazing can help to minimise condensation build up.

Secondly it is vital to have a very well ventilated rooms with a fan (if required) where severe cases of condensation occur.

Thirdly, condensation can be attributed – as we mentioned – to sudden temperature changes; thus it is important to maintain a constant temperature in the offices. Therefore putting heating on/off during out of office and working hours will ensure the office space is at a steady temperature helping minimise the vapour in the room.

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