Driveway Cleaning Tips

In order to maintain a well cared for and clean driveway it is important that is maintained and cleaned regularly. Cleaning a driveway effectively is a relatively easy task and the following driveway cleaning tips ensure the best outcome for your driveway whether it is block paved or concrete.

Advised Tools & Materials:

- Gardening gloves.
- Sand (for use on block paving)
- A hard brush.
- Soapy water.
- A jet wash / pressure washer.
- Driveway cleaner.

Stage 1: Weeding.

- First remove the weeds growing through concrete by hand.

- To limit the regrowth deposit sand in the cracks and joints where the brickettes may be broken.

- Wipe the floor with a brush and soapy water. If it is dirty, it must then proceed to the next stage of the drive cleaning process.

Stage 2: Washing.

- On a clean surface effective follow-up with a pressure washer on the driveway. Be careful not to point the jet wash nozzle too close to the brickettes as this may permanently mark or cause damage.

Stage 3: Cleaner Application.

- Apply a suitable cleaner to keep the driveway clean and free from residues. Be careful with chemical stripper as this can tend to damage the surrounding plants and trees.

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