Top Tip: How to Remove a Red Wine Stain

If you are looking to find out how to remove a red wine stain, it can often be very difficult to fully remove. To do so we would suggest forgetting the common myth of salt as it doesn’t help to the extent required for such a visible red stain, we would instead suggest the following steps.

Firstly, blot as much as possible with kitchen towel. Following this, soak the red wine stain with sparkling or soda water, and then blot again. Repeat this process a number of times, then sponge the red wine stain with soapy water and blot dry again. If blotting is not enough, wash as normal. If the red wine stain is on a carpet however, and appears to resist removal, go on to clean with carpet shampoo and rinse well. If it is still present though we would recommend a professional carpet cleaning company is hired to ensure any visible stain is eradicated.

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