Stone Flooring Cleaning & Polishing Tips

Business premises with large open spaces often have an ample amount of open space often have a vast marble or stone floor which more often than not is not adequately cleaning. A mop and bucket unfortunately does not cut it and can reduce (rather than help) the condition of commercial stone floors.

Therefore the following stone flooring polishing and cleaning tips can help ensure you get the best colour and shine from your floor:

The cleaning of a stone or marble floor should always start with a rinse of distilled water mixed with soap and carefully scrubbed with a scrubbing brush.

If the stone flooring is has a deep stain it is possible to use a more abrasive treatment in the form of a special stone floor treatment applied with a damp cloth. By working smoothly in a circular motion and rotation this stone floor treatment can be used to restore the stone floor to a ‘like new’ condition.

Once cleaning has been complete the stone or marble should always be rinsed with distilled water and dried immediately with a towel. After the floor has been allowed to fully dry naturally at room temperature (21degrees) it is possible to apply a layer of beesmax on top of the floor. An additional coat may be applied the day after and buffed to give a quality, professional looking sheen to your floors furthermore this helps to prolong the life of the floor and reduce time between cleans.

Alternatively, we offer access to professional cleaning services including marble and stone flooring polishing, contact us today for more information.

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