Removing Ink from Carpets

A common issue we see here at Protech Cleaning is the spillage of ink on to office carpets. While more commonly office carpets are dark and the unsightly stains associated with ink spills are hard to see, dependent on the size or type of the spill it can often lead to a very apparent stain – which can look unprofessional.

Removing ink stains from carpets as well as a range of fabrics can be a difficult task. However, we often recommend a home remedy for removing ink stains for carpets of salt, dissolved in water, with a small amount of lemon juice. By massaging this mixture into the ink stain and carefully washing out the stain with an absorbent material such as a towel.

Finally, allow the stained area to dry naturally (where possible in the sun) and this should once left dry with no trace of ink spots. Should there still be traces of the stain, or a faint outline, try the cleaning process again until all of ink stain has been removed.

Again, at Protech Cleaning we have experience of professional carpet cleaning services removing ink stains and other hard to remove stains in carpets and carpet tiles. Contact us today for more information our professional carpet cleaning services.

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