Tips for Cleaning Leather

In order to clean your leather furniture it is important to first remove dust using a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner. Once this is completed it is vital to ensure the leather is fully moisturised at least once a year. To do so cover the leather with a special leather repair lotion or oil. Once this has been applied and allowed to be absorbed, ensuring the furniture will not dry out.

For lighter leathers, you can moisturize it with petroleum jelly. You can also use shoe polish, although ensure it is not wax.

Lastly, for hard to remove leather stains use the following prepare 600 ml of water with 25 ml of vinegar and 8 ml of ammonia. Use a sponge to rub the stain and then apply castor oil to the stains on the leather. For harder to remove stains add some additional turpentine to the mixture; until it is removed.

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